Guess what’s cooking in the Homevida kitchen …


Hey guys!!!

We have been working non stop on some exciting projects with some very talented young script writers and filmmakers to produce interesting short films which would be premiered on the 10th of  December in Lagos!

After the rigorous process of shortlisting and screening for the short script competition which we shared here we chose our winners (click to view winners here

Now the most exciting part of the competition is here!!! Production of the short films 🙂  and this is just to give a teaser of what to expect from the Homevida 2016 short films.

Watch out for the trailers of these films which will be airing soon.

See pics from behind the scenes below:











Vote for Bola’s Dirge in Top Shorts Online Film Festival


One of our short films, Bola’s Dirge has been accepted into the 2015 Top Shorts  Online Film Festival!!! Yaaayyy!!!

Bola’s Dirge written by Ebuka Njoku and directed by Ishaya Bako, won the 2013 Homevida Short Script Competition and stars Tinsel Sweetheart, Tomi Odunsi

It has been shortlisted in the Narrative Fiction category and now we need your votes 🙂

To vote for Bola’s Dirge, simple follow these easy peezy steps:

1) Click here to take you to the page

2) Click on the stars at the top right corner of the synopsis

3) Voila! You just voted

Its that easy!!!

The festival will run from today, July 1, 2015 till July 15, 2015

Vote! Vote! Vote



Dream, Poetic


Most times we are often oblivious of how ignorant discrimination can affect our kids.

This is a story of how a young girl begins a journey of understanding the differences in cultures and religions.

Dream, Poetic won the Family Friendly Prize at the 2012 HomeVida Short Script Competition. Your winning script can also be produced into a short film.

Click here to read up on the criteria and upload your script today!!!

Entries close June 22, 2015.

Watch the movie below…