Hello People,

Homevida is excited to officially launch the balloon challenge as we join other web rangers around the world in the fight against cyber bullying and verbal abuse by POPPING A BALLOON!

The Pop The Hate Balloon Challenge is a challenge supported by Google to counter hate speech. It is a global event that is presently taking place in 14 countries using the hashtag #StopBullying and #SIDNG2017 in Nigeria.

The aim of the challenge is to counter hate speech and promote advocacy to standing up to cyberbullies online.

As part of the Safer Internet Program the Web Rangers of Queens College Yaba Lagos organised a mini campaign during their Inter-house sports competition which took place on the 22nd of February 2017.


The event which was organised by the Web Rangers Ambassador Fatima Yunusa was aimed at spreading the word among their peers about internet safety. There was a Web Rangers stand where Students, Parents and Teachers came to and gained knowledge about staying safe on the internet and how to freely express themselves on the internet without hurting other users.

The students were encouraged to visits the web rangers website to learn more about safety guidelines and the parents were also given tips on how to help their wards deal with cyber bullying.

During the callisthenics display, customised helium balloons were released in the air that had the #stopbullying message with the intention of spreading the message outside the walls of the school.


It was a fun and educative event as the students also took part in the balloon challenge and at the end of the day Miss Yunusa addressed over 4000 students on the benefits and dangers of the internet and also encouraged them to join the Web Rangers club.