The Creative Film Project Competition


Do you think you can write?

Is there a mind-twisting story you want to share?

Well, here is your chance to make a mark as a scriptwriter!

The Creative Film Project Story Contest is open to young and upcoming scriptwriters like you who would like to put a sample of their creative work out there for people to see, admire and vote / share!

How do i enter?

  1. Go to to register
  2. You will be redirected to a page to enter your social media profile information, refer your friends and like our Facebook page
  3. Post a short synopsis of your script. It doesn’t have to be too long – between 250 and 500 words only!

How do i win?

After posting your script synopsis an email with the link to your script will be sent to you, share this link on your social media pages and get at least 30 people to share!!!! It’s that easy 🙂

Prizes to be won!!

1st Prize – N50,000

2nd Prize – N20,000

3rd Prize – N10,000

And there’s more!

The first five winners get tickets to attend the Homevida Awards in December!

The first ten winners get a chance to be one of the beneficiaries of the Centenary Film Project training next year!

So hurry up, go to to register and start winning!!!

The Creative Film Project is a joint initiative of the Pan-Atlantic University School of Media and Communication and Homevida

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