Meet the Directors of the UNODC Short Films

About a month ago we profiled the winners of the 2014 HomeVida Short Script Competition in the Anti-trafficking in Person’s category endowed by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) – click here if you missed it.

Now we bring you the people bringing the scripts to life!!!


Alexandra K. Hul is a screenwriter and director inspired by her environment. She won the Public Conduct Prize endowed by the Code of Conduct Bureau in the 2012 HomeVida Short Script Competition, for her script titled – To Serve with all our Strength. Till date, it is still considered as one of HomeVida’s outstanding productions in creative messaging (Click here to watch)

She also wrote and directed the AFRIFF nominated short film‎ titled I-Games. Alex will be directing Lost Children‎


Josiah Neliaku, an alumni of the New York Film Academy is a young upcoming director from Abuja, Nigeria. His passion for cinematography is always showcased in his works. He has directed several short films including The Speech which was produced in 2014. He is the Director for Kelechi.

ndu scottNDU SCOTT

Ndu Scott Anyanwu is a producer and director. At 33, he is the Chief Operating Officer of Spectrum Broadcasting Company Nigeria Ltd .His body of work includes: Learning Curves (Director & Executive Producer), Maigida season 1 and 2 (co-Producer), Chasing Hanifa (Co-Producer coming out soon), Perception (Director/Producer – coming out soon) and Taxi (Co-Producer). He will be directing the winning script, Homecoming.