Homevida 2015 Call For Scripts – Updated


As published earlier, the Homevida Call for Scripts is here again!!! (Click here if you missed it)

Some changes have been made and Homevida will like to announce that the category has been broken down to 3 sub-categories!!!

This means that instead of one winner emerging, there will be 3!!!

The category for this year is ‘The Internet and Nigeria’ and it has 3 sub-categories;

  • Rights / Freedom + Safety + Security
  • Reputation Management
  • Economic / Social Impact;

To enter, read more on the criteria for each category here

Entries close June 22, 2015.

To submit your script, click here

HomeVida is an initiative of the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC). This initiative was created as a platform to drive creative messaging on integrity and value change by providing incentives to script writers and film makers who consider such values in their work.

For more inquiries on the competition, please contact us on: 08036267188 or info@homevida.org

To know more about our work and past events please go to www.homevida.org

Do not miss this opportunity!!!

This year’s competition is endowed by the Centenary Film Project and supported by Google.



  1. Oluwayomike · May 4, 2015

    I will like to find out, if I have sent in my script already am I expected to send another one with the new developments made?


  2. liz · May 18, 2015

    Are we to write on only one sub-category or we can write on all?


    • homevida2014 · May 18, 2015

      If you have stories for each category pls feel free to write on all.


      • liz · May 18, 2015

        So can I put all the stories in a folder and upload the folder. Or upload them separately?


      • homevida2014 · May 18, 2015

        Please upload seperately. Thank you


  3. ife · June 21, 2015

    Please, if I have sent my script before with mistakes(criteria), can I correct it and send it again.


    • homevida2014 · June 22, 2015

      Yes you can but please indicate when you are sending it so that we can disregard the first one


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