Watch Short Film – ‘Savior’


Culled from Judith Audu’s Blog

Change isn’t fiction but Real, Talk won’t cause Change, Action WILL…SAVIOR, a short film by Best Okoduwa. ‘SAVIOR’ is a short film that aims to change every and mostly young Nigerians to consciously participate in the leadership selection process that is the election process in Nigeria. It emphasizes on the inevitable essence of voting. The story mirrors the life of an average Nigerian young couple and how the event of bad Governance/Leadership destroyed the lives of an average Young Nigerian Couple. Written and Directed by Best Okoduwa, Produced by Bukky Aluko and Sayo Aluko, it starred Stan Nze, Judith Audu, Lord Frank, Aaron Sunday, Monica Friday, Best Okoduwa, e.t.c.

Watch short film below

It is a must watch especially as the elections are approaching. Let’s drop all form of apathy and vote for accountability, trust and credibility!