Happy Independence Weekend!!!

nigeria 2

Hey people,

I know independence day has passed (I’m still celebrating though! lol) but thank God for this looongggg weekend!!!

Nigeria is 54!!! Yay!!!

Although we are still being traumatized by the Boko Haram insurgents and some of our leaders, we have come a long way from where we used to be, especially before we became a democratic nation. For example, the Nollywood industry has grown tremendously – put aside the figures now – its evident in the movies they make (go to YouTube and watch a clip of Checkmate and then watch a clip of Tinsel). There have been positive changes and these changes have put us on the map. These changes have made us embrace our Nigerian culture than those of our counterparts (UK and USA). I remember growing up, you were considered razz if you liked a Daddy Showkey song, now Terry G comes up and everyone is going crazy for it. We made these changes happen by believing in our own and its working for us.

Let’s not wait for our leaders to make a change, we the people can make Nigeria into what we want, YOU can turn Nigeria into what YOU want.

We are all Nigerians, let’s stand up and make Nigeria a better place for our kids to live in.

Happy Independence weekend and Happy Eid el Kabir to all my muslim brothers and sisters!!!

Watch this lovely clip below put together by Ndani TV.


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