From the moment she graced our screens as ‘Ann Haastrup’ in the late Amaka Igwe production – Checkmate, Ego Boyo became a force to reckon with in the Nigerian movie industry.

She came into the scene as Ego Nnamani and blew us away with her very sophisticated and classy mode of acting. For five years she was one of those who kept Nigerians entertained every Sunday night. She went on to star in Violated, which she jointly produced with Amaka Igwe, which also left us in awe and wanting more from the screen goddess then all of a sudden …………. she disappeared, without a word and left her fans heartbroken 😦

As the CEO of Temple Productions, she still graced us with her cosmopolitan concepts in movies such as:

  • To live again
  • Keeping faith and;
  • 30 days

In a recent interview with Jara TV, she disclosed making a comeback (still behind the screens though) very soon!!!

Ego Boyo is Homevida’s comeback star!!! which actor, off the grid, would you like to see make a comeback? 🙂

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