Movie Review: Mrs Somebody


DIRECTOR: Desmond Elliot, TomRobson

PRODUCER: Emem Isong

STORY/SCREENPLAY: Anthony Joseph, Rita Onwurah, Uduak Isong

STARRING: Uche Jombo, Yemi Blaq, Kenneth Okoli, Charles Obodo

Mrs Somebody is a totally relatable movie about somebody like me, like you, or at least someone we have known. Emem Isong through fiction brings to life the true story of the societal obligations (whether self-inflicted or external) on a woman of a certain age to be ‘respectably’ married to a man. The movie chronicles the journey of a young woman through desperation, hurt, loss of faith, anger, then self-love and finally courage to accept true love. Emem Isong does this while making sure you laugh.

Initially I thought, “Just what I need, another movie with the over-the-top acting of Uche Jumbo.” But if there is one place it fit, it was here. I must admit that I felt that if her accent was a little more polished some of the on- liners she delivered would have hit a home run but then again, we are Nigerian. She is allowed her native accent.

I think, no I believe this movie had a script. Even though a little improvisation in comedy is good, unlike most of its fellows it doesn’t fall prey to sacrificing good lines on a platter of cheap melodrama.

The story was written quite well,  showing advanced story telling skill, focused and unraveling progressively. The protagonist Kaira (Uche Jumbo) remained the spine of the story without too many unnecessary appendages. As Mrs somebody moved on from them, those characters wrapped up so that you never once forgot who the movie was about. If she was not in a scene, the scene made reference to her. What made all this even better was the choice and role of the leading men, Yemi Blaq, Kenneth Okoli and Bobby Obodo. Each actor owned their character, and then ah, Uduak Isong et al give us some good irony by making a tattoo having, mama’s house living, furne speaking, goatee keeping, baggie trouser wearing, big jeep driving,  seemingly irresponsible but ultimately charismatic ‘boy-to-man’ become the real Mr somebody.

I was drawn to their care-free boozy relationship and it bounced off the screen so well that I could almost feel the buzz effect of the alcohol they enjoyed in my seat. In my opinion nothing was over the top which made me feel a true sense of reality. I didn’t even notice background noises! (Bless the technical crew). I also liked  how they substituted her best friend…the new one  (Tamara Eteimo) was so much better. Quite scared to watch this movie again for fear of finding out it wasn’t as good as I remember. Still, sometimes the mark of a good movie is the producers making it fun enough so you don’t notice the blunders.

Watch Mrs Somebody, somebody! #InPastor’sVoice 🙂

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