Movie Review: Broken



STARRING: Nse Ikpe Etim, Iyke Adiele, Tehilla Adiele, Bimbo Manuel, Kalu Ikeagwu

“Gabriel, prepare for the worst.” A line in the movie Broken brilliantly delivered by Nse, and exactly what I had done before watching this movie. But what can I say…I LOVED IT!!!!

I started watching this movie with a snide look on my face and a milli-action away from my hands akimbo. With my cynical hat on I had written a few notes.

Why would the policeman in one of the opening scenes ask “who are your parents?” Surely that’s not a question you ask a grown man who was just caught selling coke?

More needs to be done to eliminate background noises that struggle with conversations for attention.

I wish child actors in Nigerian movies weren’t so mechanical.

However, when the movie ended I didn’t care about all that. Of course Nse Ikpe Etim as Miriam Idoko acted brilliantly but I’d particularly commend Tehilla Adiele (as Emmanuella Otega) who gave a splendid interpretation of a severely mentally ill person down to the ticks, and even delivering the only hilarious line in a movie of such a serious tone when she quipped, “greet children for me”. Watching them I wasn’t too bothered about the obnoxiousness of Stanley Idoko, which went beyond his character or the weird lip stick colour on Cassie Idoko. I think the cast ensemble was pretty good: Bimbo Manuel, Rabi Usman Edorhe as Doctor Sara, siblings that really looked alike, new faces and Kalu!

From the opening scenes the story-line stuck with the premise, portraying the effects of child abuse on the child and the large scale effects on the immediate family and the society. It highlights the importance of being part of a grounded family and also, probably unintentionally, shows that usually in Nigeria a perpetual offender goes unpunished until the crime is done to someone important. (In a free and fair society at this point I’d have made specific references to the current situation in the country but in Nigeria I value my freedom.) I had heard people complain about the way the movie ended but there is only so much happiness that can come out of that much sadness. In reality, sometimes repenting of your sins doesn’t erase the consequences.

If you are looking for a movie to make you feel all warm fuzzy and happy inside, this ain’t for you; but as per social relevance and value, it is probably the best Nigerian movie I’ve seen this year.

One comment

  1. Seember Nyager · May 10, 2014

    Okay Now i have to find this movie and watch it although i prefer warm and fuzzy.


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