#Feature Friday: Happy Friday????

To say the last 4 weeks, the last year, the last couple of years have been trying for Nigeria is an understatement. Most recently the Nyanya bomb blast, the abduction of 234 young girls by brutal insurgents, and again, Nyanya bomb blast! While sometimes we go about our daily activities oblivious to real impact of this dark and evil tunnel our country is passing through, (hoping it is truly just passing through and not settling in) mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children are crying in fear and anguish. This might not be an apartheid but we are definitely not free.

protests 1             protests 2

Having spent the last month looking for visuals produced in Nigeria that capture just a fraction of the state of the nation’s insecurity, we have no choice but to outsource from a movie produced over two decades ago in South Africa. We hope that it arises in us enough passion to pray and fight for Nigeria. We also hope that someday we would be bold enough to document these poignant times with creative integrity so that if God keeps us as a nation our children can see how far we have come. We feature a clip from the movie Sarafina (1992). You mite want to buy a copy (and some tissue) or watch it online.

One comment

  1. Anon · May 2, 2014

    Lovely post!!!!! May the souls of all those we have lost rest in peace. AMEN


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