Movie Review: Forgetting June

 forgetting june

PRODUCER: Emen Isong, Uduak Isong

DIRECTOR: Ikechukwu Onyeka


STARRING: Majid Michel, Beverly Naya, Mbong Amata

Forgetting June” could have been a very interesting movie about love and reawakening through dance but fell prey to sloppy research and content management, ending up in a flat interpretation. This made nothing particularly appalling or interesting, and we all know that in this business making a good impression or making a bad impression is better than making ‘no impression’ at all. For such a seemingly emotional story line I hardly felt any poignant emotions.  Being the first ever movie I’ve seen with Beverly Naya, my opinion is that she doesn’t have enough presence to carry on a lead role. So in spite of great acting by Magid Michael (as usual) she kind of let him down.

The constant shots of Beverly Naya doing the same amateur dance moves got on my nerves. If a movie referred that heavily to dance either of these things should have happened: they should have alluded to dancing without actually showing any and cover it up with better acting/content, or should have taken time out to learn routines that would fool us into thinking the actors were actual dancers. To be honest I enjoyed the movie more when they stopped trying to dance and just talked about dancing.

Other angles that could have been explored to give more social value are probably the issues of the deadliness of malaria and how that can be handled, or even the sloppiness of police investigations on accident sites in Nigeria. That would have created a bigger impression on the “Sunita” like twist (Google “The Promise” Indian film, aka “Sunita” by Nigerians) in the movies second half.

My colleague has insisted that it is a great movie. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it again. Should we forget “Forgetting June”, or should we give it another chance? Grab your copy and strongly disagree or agree below!


  1. Anon · April 3, 2014

    Hilarious!!!! I have not seen the movie but I need to see how bad the acting was. Still love Beverly though!!!!


  2. Anon · April 9, 2014

    Good review! but i think you failed to mention the role his mother played in the movie, from the top of my head i can remember her helping to bring his love interest to meet him when she wouldn’t pick up his calls and also the Call girl to calm his nerves.. i thought that was really cool…she pulled off her role very well, i totally agree with the boring Dance scene(s)..repetitive and highly unnecessary. Overall will give story line a 7 out of 10


  3. anonymouse · August 19, 2014

    I really loved this movie, inspite of the shortcomings. Yes, the dancing is pretty bad esp. Eddy’s solo part, but that can be overlooked. The brother couldn’t act to save his life, but the family scene after Eddy decides to marry Tobi is a fantastic fun!


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