The HomeVida Call for Scripts is here again!!!!

Are you a Nigerian between 16-30 years of age? Are you creative in your imagination, artistic in your imagery and profound in your thinking? Then this message is for you!
HomeVida is calling on all young and creative Nigerians to send their original scripts for short films in these 3 categories:
·         The Investors protection prize, endowed by the Securities and Exchange Commission
·         The Human Development prize endowed by United Nations Millennium Campaign
·         Recognition for the Best Anti trafficking in Persons Script by United Nations of on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) and funded by the European Union (3 Winners will be selected from this category
All winners will get a prize money of N100, 000 each and also take part in a one-day seminar hosted by some of Nollywood’s best directors, screenwriters and film makers.
To send your original scripts, please visit  and upload your entries.
Entries close on June 13, 2014.
HomeVida, Promoting Integrity Values Through Films.