The HomeVida Call for Scripts is here again!!!!

Are you a Nigerian between 16-30 years of age? Are you creative in your imagination, artistic in your imagery and profound in your thinking? Then this message is for you!
HomeVida is calling on all young and creative Nigerians to send their original scripts for short films in these 3 categories:
·         The Investors protection prize, endowed by the Securities and Exchange Commission
·         The Human Development prize endowed by United Nations Millennium Campaign
·         Recognition for the Best Anti trafficking in Persons Script by United Nations of on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) and funded by the European Union (3 Winners will be selected from this category
All winners will get a prize money of N100, 000 each and also take part in a one-day seminar hosted by some of Nollywood’s best directors, screenwriters and film makers.
To send your original scripts, please visit  and upload your entries.
Entries close on June 13, 2014.
HomeVida, Promoting Integrity Values Through Films.


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“You don’t know where you are going until you know where you are coming from”….or something like that…LOL

Today let’s go back, way back to the golden age of Nigerian Television, the 1990s. This show was directed by Amaka Igwe. It launched the likes of RMD, Ego Boyo, the Late Francis Agu and Bob Manuel to national fame.

What series are we talking about? Share your favorite moments and any pictures or clips you’ve stumbled upon 🙂 😉

#Movie Review: Contract


PRODUCER: Ken Attoh, Yvonne Okoro, Shirley Frimpong-Manso

DIRECTOR: Shirely Frimpong-Manso

STORY: Herty Owusu

The movie “Contract” is a feel -good movie which is both entertaining and funny. Typical of most rom-coms or chick flicks it doesn’t have the most original story line and probably has adaptations in every continent under different names, but still it has the ability to occasionally make you go “oooo” and “awww”. It not only tells the story of a contract between a man and a woman, but also the story about a contract between the producers and Amarula cream (couldn’t resist taking a jab at the all-too -obvious product placement).  For an African movie of the comedic genre, it was able to achieve comedy without the overboard comical antics the industry is known for (although sometimes I was worried that they came very close). It was impressive to see a movie that gained laughs from a well-written script as opposed to a largely improvised one, hence the reason it might be forgiven some technical issues. The movie producers probably don’t require any more critical acclaim for the movie as they could be satisfied with the winnings from the recently concluded AMVCAs but we won’t be Homevida if we didn’t have an opinion.

The Cast: As a fine boy lover, Hlomla Dandala aka Mr Jacob’s Cross aka ‘Piper P’ was perfect; I didn’t even mind that he wasn’t too tall. His chemistry with Joseph Benjamins was quite good actually, a little more than his with the leading lady Yvonne Okoro. Not sure who was in awe of whose fame but it seemed like their chemistry struggled initially but soon caught on nicely. I liked the fact that the movie concentrated on only three main cast members, while supporting roles and cast remained supporting.

Story Development: I would commend this movie for sticking to the story plot without branching out.  Even though it was a good story, I feel like it started fast and slowed its pace from the middle. It should be the other way round unless slowing down is to build up to a big climax and that did not happen because we didn’t see the leading man and woman steal the scene in a heart-warming or heart wrenching resolve. The end was a bit flat line for me.

Editing and Continuity: The continuity from the beginning was brilliant.  Further in though it started to fall behind. Some scenes could have been substituted or shortened like the jogging scenes (and some other monologues), for longer shots of the couple, especially for instance, the first time he held her in his arms when she was crying. Girls dig stuff like that 😉 . Unless my audio was poor I can swear that sometimes they spoke in a dialect other than English. There should have been subtitles.

Say what you want but a movie is a good movie when you find yourself thinking about its leading man during the sermon the next day at church. On the contract between the movie makers and the audience, it would be mutually beneficial; they make money and you shall be entertained. Grab your copy now!

#Sidebar It’s a particularly good day to review the movie “Contract” as today is Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s birthday. Happy birthday Shirley from Homevida! Well done and Congratulations on your numerous awards!

Review of the 2014 AMVCAs by Charles Novia

charles novia



This is a review of the 2014 AMVCAs written by prolific film maker – Charles Novia which we found hilarious and spot on. Enjoy!!!

It had been months of hype and media activities for the 2nd Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Expectations were high for this year’s edition and many practically grovelled for the invitation cards! Who would miss an evening of this magnitude in Africa’s entertainment calendar?

Did this year’s Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards have the Crunch Factor, that ‘ooomph’ punch which leaves the guests and viewers speechless and mesmerised?

Wait a minute! I am jumping the gun here! Let’s start from the beginning as I witnessed it.

I arrived a few minutes to the scheduled live broadcast of the show and as I walked past the Red Carpet section straight to the hall, I couldn’t help noticing how glamourous ( and perhaps amorous too!)many of the ladies and gentlemen looked. One thing to thank the AMVCAs for; the fashion and make-up industry would have rolled in some moolahs these past few days. I am not an experienced fashion buff, I would leave that to Nigeria’s amorphous Fashion Police to determine who was the Best Dressed or Worst Dressed for the evening ( er…Emmy Collins? That’s your plate!)But I did see enough to appreciate that many people actually took time to look quite good for the night. And there were some few ‘Ukwu’s’ pushing out for cursory recognition and appreciation inside the dresses too! (Apologies to Timaya) One can safely say that it was a night of evening dresses, half-hidden cleavages and unpadded ‘Ukwus’ on the Red Carpet but let’s leave that aspect to the fashion bloggers.

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