the choice of aina

Year: 2013

Director: Olamide Marie-Ore

Lead Actors: Khadiatu Kamara, Kenneth Okolie, Ijeoma Grace Agu, Opeyemi Awoyemi

Genre: Drama

THE CHOICE OF AINA is a character-driven story that takes place against the backdrop of Africa’s largest city and is based on actual events. The story gives us an insight into the unique and complex professional arrangements in Lagos, and takes us into the dark underworld of quid-pro-quo game of sex exploitation, where very powerful men offer young professional women opportunities in exchange for sex. THE CHOICE OF AINA is a serious movie that needs to be seen by people seeking change. 

I found this movie interesting however i would start by stating clearly – NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS!!! Please note. I watched it on the Dobox platform (that’s the only place it’s available for now) and it was clearly stated for 21 and above. It has some nude scenes and quite graphic with the love scenes.

Direction: In my opinion, this movie had excellent direction. Every scene was direct and straight to the point. It did not drag slowly as some Nollywood movies do. 4/4

Story: A bit predictable in some scenes but still an interesting watch. The end was surprising though for a nollywood movie that always ends happily ever after. The use of foul words were a bit too much because in a realististic sense i do not think people throw the f word at their bosses in a statement #justsaying. 2/4

Costume: This costume worn in this movie just showed that the director was definitely not based in Nigeria. The costume was wrong  for the bank scenes, okay in some, but just wrong for the bank scenes, especially that of Aina. Firstly, Nigerian banks don’t allow you wear mono straps to the office even on Fridays, you have to wear a jacket to hide it. Most even have colour codes which was definitely not in play here. Don’t even get me started on the gele that the branch manager was tying…..#seriously!!!?? 2/4

Set Design: The set designer was excellent. The sets that were used worked well with each scene and the story it was trying to tell. I have seen a lot of movies where an unemployed individual fresh out of school is living in a well furnished apartment. Kudos to the set designer!!! 4/4

Soundtrack: Nothing catchy, just ok. Not something i will remember after the movie but was suitable for the movie and supported the melancholic feel of the movie. 3/4

Final Score: 15/20

The movie is a good watch and the fact that there were a lot of fresh faces made it more interesting to me. I would recommend it to anyone looking to watch a good movie!!! Its available on http://www.dobox.tv, go check it out!!! If you have seen the movie already, i would really love to hear your own views on it. I am not a critic, this is just my humble opinion 🙂

Watch trailer here:

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