B for Boy by Chika Anadu


I came across this movie trailer and i really can’t wait for it to be showing in the cinemas or for the dvd release. This is a movie that every family should relate to because it happens everyday in our society. it gives insight into the pain and struggles Amaka, a middle-aged woman, had to go through in her quest for having a male child. Most Nigerian women are victimised everyday because they do not have male children. It was produced by Chika Anadu and won the Breakthrough Award at the AFI FEST 2013. 

Chika Anadu was born in Nigeria in 1980 and attended school in Lagos before heading to the UK in 1997, where she gained her degree in Law and Criminology. She followed up her undergraduate studies with an MA in Africa: Human and Sustainable Development. She has made three short films: Epilogue (2009), AVA (2010) and The Marriage Factor (2013). Chika was one of five winners of the Focus Features Africa First programme in 2010. She took part in the Cinefondation (Cannes Film Festival) Residency programme in 2010/2011, where she worked on her first feature script for the LFF 2013-featured B For Boy.

Watch the trailer below:

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