#FeatureFriday: Enitan


And happy valentines day people!!!

Today we introduce #FEATUREFRIDAY!!! Yaayyyy!!!

We are so excited about this because it is one segment that will enable us engage with our followers and get to know what their thoughts are on the film industry.

We would be putting up different films on Friday which we feel people can learn a lot from and we would like to hear your thoughts and comments. Todays #FeatureFriday film is Enitan!!! 

Enitan is a short-film produced by HomeVida. It was released in 2011 and centres around family struggles and the strength to overcome. It is very enlightening and just 10 mins long 🙂

We would appreciate if you could drop your comments below and let us know what you think!!!

Ciao people!!!


  1. anonymous · February 17, 2014

    Nice short movie . Was particularly impressed by the way the couple especially the step mum was very supportive and willing to assist Enitan, this is not usually the case in most Nigerian situations. The fact that the ailment was discovered on time and solution sort was also impressive as the little Enitan would have been subjected to humiliation and stigma all her life. We must always see the positives in unpleasant situations and seek solutions rather than complain endlessly.


    • homevida2014 · February 18, 2014

      Thank you for your comment. We are happy you understood the message we were trying to send out. Dyslexia is not really understood in this part of the world and a lot of people are being victimised and mistaken as unintelligent because of this. We hope this movie will impact the lives of many.


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