Call for Entries – The World’s Independent Film Festival


Hey all,

Came across this opportunity and thought to share.

The World Independent Film Festival (TWIFF) is accepting entries for its fourth year of showcasing works from various parts of the world. Formerly known as the Third World Indie Film Festival, TWIFF focuses on  “educational, entertaining, truthful, playful and just” works that attempt to build awareness of the underrepresented. Filmmakers, celebrities, guest from different consular offices are expected to attend. TWIFF is also calling for partnerships, sponsorships and support from government entities, private corporations and individuals. Volunteers, crew, donors, planners, writers, contributors are also welcome. See a report from their website after the cut

“The World’s Independent Film Festival (TWIFF) recognizes filmmakers from all walks of life. We celebrate films that raise awareness to global, cultural, and social issues. TWIFF is an advocate of social change, and we aim to educate, inspire, and empower all people through the art of film.

If you are a filmmaker, we encourage you to submit your film to our film festival. You can read our Submission Guidelines and FAQs. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Are you a movie lover? Our film festival features different films from all over the world. Keep checking back for film festival dates, screening schedule, and ticket sales information.

You can also support the filmmakers and the film festival. Read how you can be a TWIFF supporter through our Sponsor page.”

Check out more information on the website

This looks like a wonderful opportunity make sure you check it out!!!

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