HomeVida Main Logo

Hey all,

Welcome to the HomeVida blog!!!

HomeVida is one of the two programs run by Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) and our focus is to provide incentives to produce movies that portray integrity values. We intend to reach out and spread the message of integrity through film because it cuts across all ages and sectors of the country. We have been organising the Nigerian Integrity Film Awards for the past 4 years and it has been a huge success. We decided to start up a blog to have a wider reach and also interact with members of the community directly to know what they think about the movies we (as Nigerians) produce and what they portray. We will be bringing to you film reviews, news on film festivals, nollywood and hollywood gossip *wink*, trailers of movies, short films and everything movies!!!!

Hope you all are as excited as we are!!!

So sit back, relax and enjoy because HomeVida is here to keep you informed and entertained…


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