#movie trailer: Apaye; A Mother’s Love


‘Apaye; A Mother’s Love’ is a movie y’all might want to go and see. Even though the trailer might not have clearly shown the core of the movie, it feels like it would be a tearjerker. Plus the synopsis below as culled from the Royal Arts Academy blog should whet your appetite.

Inspired by true events, ‘Apaye’ is the story of Elder Irene Yepayeye Uriah, born in the creeks of what is now Bayelsa State, abandoned by her husband and left to fend for her six children, she struggled and toiled to provide for her family and to make sure they enjoyed a life that she never had. Against the odds, she became a woman of substance in a community that never believed any good could come from her. 


The movie is available in cinemas from March 8th, 2014.

Call for Entries: Cannes International Film Festival 2014


One of the most prestigious and publicized film festivals in the world, the Cannes International film Festival is now calling for entries. It is an annual film festival that usually holds at the Festivals of Congress, Cannes, France. the festival has launched the careers of some notable directors like Quentin Tarantin and Steven Soderbergh. The call for submission of short and feature film is March 3, 2014 and March 7, 2014 respectively. If you are a director and you have a movie that was shot in the last year please hurry and take advantage of this opportunity.  Read More

B for Boy by Chika Anadu


I came across this movie trailer and i really can’t wait for it to be showing in the cinemas or for the dvd release. This is a movie that every family should relate to because it happens everyday in our society. it gives insight into the pain and struggles Amaka, a middle-aged woman, had to go through in her quest for having a male child. Most Nigerian women are victimised everyday because they do not have male children. It was produced by Chika Anadu and won the Breakthrough Award at the AFI FEST 2013.  Read More